Hung Fou

This is the video I made with a friend for the band 'Hung Fou'. The song is called 'You look silly when you dance'. The band is from Luxenbourg, where the video was shot. Thanks to Julie and her craziness. Enjoy.

Die Treppe

Die Treppe from monoelemento on Vimeo.

This short film was inspired by the writings of Kafka. It was made during the Kinodramawas Kinokabaret of Innsbruck. With the help of Anna, Michael, Thomas and Willy.

KINODRAMAWAS - Das Kinokabaret in den Alpen
Innsbruck, April 2014

Kino Dramawas

I had the privilege to help organise the kinokabaret 'Kino Dramawas' in Innsbruck in the first week of April 2014. Here is the artwork and the trailer i designed for this event.

Kino Dramawas from monoelemento on Vimeo.


Psicobloc from monoelemento on Vimeo.

Climbing psicoblocs in Mallorca with Gregor.
Summer 2013

"Money For Nothing" Dire Straits
"La del pirata cojo" Joaquin Sabina


It happend in a dark and rainy night in Innsbruck...

Nighttalkers from monoelemento on Vimeo.


Impressions from my trip to Ladakh. Summer 2013.

Ladakh from monoelemento on Vimeo.

What is architecture?

I'm happy to present our page ''! Dedicated to this fundmental architectonical question. We interviewed various architects and are proud to bring to you the interviews of Greg Lynn, Patrick Schumacher, Wolf Prix and many others.

Die Revolution und ihre Kinder

"The Revolution and their children" is my entry for the 48h videocompetition of the Rejected Filmestival in Innsbruck. June 2013.

Thanks to Hofer, Keitsch, Adrin and Agi.

Next Addict

Check out the NEXT ADDICT music clip of the band FRENCH FOR CARTRIDGE. I helped behind the camera and in the postproduction. All my thanks to Julie who invited me to participate!

Band site:


Ladies and gentlement, I'm happy to present you the new photograhpy web site of DOUBLESHOT! With the works of Lara Briz and myself... Look at it here: